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These quality accessories from AeroKits...enhance your Savannah and provide a greater level of safety, performance,  and usability. Phone or email for prices and other info.

Firewall sealing boots:


These sealing boots are not the usual heavy, stiff, Steering Rack Boot.

Unlike the usual Steering Rack Boots, these are very soft silicon stretch rubber which do not restrict the movement of the steering or throttle rods.

Supplied wit a template for firewall adapters to make mounting these boots to the firewall much easier.

Fuel Tank Sealing Washers:

These are a 3mm thick washer made from Viton and will not swell from contact with any fuels. The extra thickness over the standard washer will prevent the fuel caps from bottoming on the top wing skin.

Trim Indicator:

This is a daylight viewable LED indicator, which although not essential for trimming in straight and level flight, is a great help when setting the trim before take-off.  The high control pressure required to overcome the loads induced by a full up trim at take-off can be very exciting to say the least.

Manifold Pressure Gauge:

Are you tired of hearing constant claims of "my Savannah does 90Kts at 5000rpm" or "my Savannah does 90Kts at 4800rpm" etc etc.

These performance figures mean nothing unless the claimant can tell you how much power he is using. The performance figures above can be manipulated to what ever you want by changing the set pitch of the propeller and the amount of throttle used. Small changes in throttle position can result in substantial changes in the actual power used. So without a Manifold Pressure Gauge or fuel flow meter it is impossible to accurately define the amount of power being supplied by the engine.

With a Manifold Pressure Gauge you can accurately set the power being provided by the engine, and consequently from the published engine manufacturers charts, the amount of fuel being consumed. A Manifold Pressure Gauge is now mandatory for aircraft with any type of in-flight adjustable pitch propeller.

Placard Set: 


    Click on the image for a higher resolution version.

Placards in gloss silver with black borders to satisfy the RAA requirements and to provide essential information in full view of pilot and passengers.

Includes door latching and fuel plackards.



Full featured X-Com VHF and integrated GME UHF with inbuilt VOX intercom. The X-Com VHF is now made by Narco in the USA and the UHF is Australian made. This combination works great and covers the full range of communications in the air and on the ground. Click here for technical info. A good comparison chart here. Ring for the latest options and pricing.

Wheel Bearing Sealing Washers:

These "A" Grade felt washers are placed under the steel washers that cover the wheel bearings. This prevents dirt and water from entering the bearings prolonging the bearing life. Be sure to grease the inside face of the felt when fitting. Six Washers are required to protect all three wheels.




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