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Airmaster C/S Props
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AeroKits... are now agents for Airmaster In Flight Variable Pitch Propellers.

Quality of Manufacture; 100%

Design features;             100%

Documentation;              100%

Packing and Presentation;100%

These beautifully made units give the ultimate in performance for all phases of flight.

With a flick of a switch the take-off revs can be set to 5700rpm which makes use of the near full  Hp of the engine for the shortest ground run.

The revs can then be flicked to 5400rpm for climb, and then to 5000rpm for cruise.

This Airmaster Constant Speed Prop system coupled with a Manifold Pressure Gauge will give the best possible performance in all phases of flight and use the least amount of fuel for the best possible cruise performance.

Any chosen RPM can be set by the manual control and held within the operating limits.

As a bonus the Airmaster can be fully feathered for absolute minimum drag in a power loss situation which will give a greater glide distance, and may be the difference between a successful forced landing and an expensive crash landing.

Australian made Bolly Blades are now available which save some weight over the standard Warp Drive Blades.


Airmaster 69in prop with 8in polished spinner on Savannah VG.

Ground Thrust; 205Kg at 28in MP 16deg C and 1024HPa.

92 Kts CAS at 2500Ft 15deg C 1024 HPa 24In MP 5000RPM.

Airmaster Constant Speed Controller

Call for pricing and delivery.


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