Savannah STOL  Aircraft for Work and Fun

All New Savannah S/XL Kts and Factory Built aircraft now have a MTOW of 600Kg. Older S/XL's can be easily retrofitted.

And ICP have made Adjustable Seats available on all new Kits and RTF Savannah's

ICP Have just released details of their new 750Kg MTOW Aircraft


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Savannah Kits, Parts, Accessories, Tools, Custom Upgrades, and flexible builder support.

Factory Built Savannah S/XL's  are now available with the option of having all parts fully primed before assembly to give a higher level of corrosion proofing.

The rounded fuselage corners look great as well as lessening the side area to a crosswind. The S shape is very quiet at full power, has some nice improvements to the aileron hinges, and different fairing around the empennage. Internal framing has been beefed up with nice transitions between panels. Full marks to ICP for their commitment to continual improvement to what is already a great aircraft.

Savannah S's with Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp being re-assembled at Archerfield.


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Our Mission  

To Provide the best and most cost effective solutions to promote recreational aviation for personal development and satisfaction.

Performance + Quality = Safety + Reliability

Company Profile 

AeroKits P/L   ABN 64 167 563 144

The parent company has been in business since 1982 and been involved in building all types of yachts, industrial standby power systems, and constructing ultralight aircraft.

My name is Reg Brost and I first discovered the thrill of flying in 1977 at the Southern Downs Soaring Club near Warwick in southern Queensland. Since then I have had the privilege of flying many types of GA aircraft as well as gliders, and am now enjoying my latest fantastic Savannah XL.  This being a Fuel Injected Rotax 914 version with Airmaster Constant Speed Prop.

A new Savannah S at home on a property in outback Queensland earning its keep.


                                                                                   This Savannah just won "Grand Champion Homebuilt" Natfly 2014.

I hold a current L2 Maintenance Accreditation and still maintain my GA licence.

AeroKits...P/L is the importer and distributor for Savannah STOL kit and Factory Built aircraft in Australia and New Zealand. This rugged, affordable, all alloy, precision, fast build kit with Rotax 4 stroke reliability is an extremely capable aircraft that is a pleasure to fly and own. 


Click here for some Savannah History and Kit Details/Specs for the XL/S.

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Builders who purchase Savannah Kits from AeroKits... receive unlimited phone support as well as two blocks of 5hrs on site support within 1hrs flying time from our base. We also supply hundreds of construction photos on CD to provide ideas on parts of the building which you may not find perfectly clear. A modified front axle is also included with kits supplied by AeroKits...



Only RAA licence required. Only drivers licence medical required.

  A new Savannah S in New Zealand.

                                                    Rotax  914 Turbo powered Savannah S         

                                                    with Airmaster Constant Speed Prop and TruTrac Auto Pilot.


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Savannah Kits

Whilst most Factory Built Aircraft are ok, ICP, (the manufacturer of factory built Savannah aircraft and kits) is a world leader in Aircraft Kit manufacturing. The Savannah range of Kits from ICP are arguably the most complete, most accurate, easiest to build kits available today. 99% of all holes are predrilled/prepunched on CNC machinery. All necessary bending is done for you, and amazingly everything fits together as designed. The fit is so good that you don't even need a perfectly flat surface to build on. The accurate holes hold parts in perfect alignment provided that you are not tempted to open out holes. Just work the holes together with tapered mandrels and fit the Clecos. ICP complete the wing spars and solid riveted sections of the fuselage so that the builder does not have to worry about any solid riveting. The kits include everything you need to build a standard fly away Savannah with the exception of Engine/Prop and exterior paint. Even the air over oil Pop Riveter is included in the Kit.


Savannah XL/S Widebody

Kits and Factory Built

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  This new Widebody Savannah is sleeker, longer with more leg room, and with a 110mm wider cabin has the room for taller or less friendly pilots and passengers.


A close fitting cowl/propeller with oil inspection door gives a very sleek look combined with the extra slope of the windscreen.


The Ring Type Engine Mount makes for a lighter and more compact engine fitting as well as virtually eliminating the "Rotax Knock" on startup and shutdown.


The roof is all clear and gives great visibility in steep turns.

The new style doors are mostly clear and very well engineered for fit and function. However, the AeroKits Three Point Door Latch Kit is still an advantage to prevent the doors sucking open at the back edge in flight.

Click on an image for a larger photo.

Click on the picture above for a short movie of the first Australian Landing of a Savannah XL built by AeroKits...

The Widebody Savannah XL VG is available from AeroKits...

Call for details and availability.              

Savannah XL Widebody built in just 6 weeks from an ICP Kit.

Finished and ready for serious fun. Savannah XL from AeroKits...

Click this screen for video of a Savannah VG take off and landing at 460Kg all up weight and 3 to 5Kts headwind.


Click this screen for video of a Savannah VG take off at 520Kg all up weight and 0Kts headwind.


  Videos Courtesy of Steve Hunt



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