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Savannah Agency transferred to Peter Gillespie. See Home Page.

"Ventura" details released by ICP.

New Lighter Fuel Manifolds.

Low Permeability Fuel hose explained in Products.

New nose leg bearing support added.

Savannah XL by Aerokits wins "Grand Champion Homebuilt" Perpetual Shield Natfly 2014.

All new Savannah Kits and Factory Built aircraft now have Adjustable Seats available as of May 2014.

All new Savannah Kits will have an E-LSA Statement of Compliance. This eliminates the need for the owner/builder to complete 51% of the build provided the kit is assembled according to the assembly manual.

ICP (Savannah Kit Manufactures) are continually innovating and will be making some important announcements in the near future

AeroKits now the official importer for all things Savannah and ICP products.

New improvement to Savannah coming soon.

It's Official: Savannah S/XL now have a 600Kg MTOW on new kits and factory built aircraft. Older S/XL's can be easily upgraded.

AeroKits now official parts stockist and distributor for all Savannah spare parts.

Several changes to Products and Services

Revamped Home Page

Savannah now legal at 560KG MTOW.

Savannah Tip No 24 added

Factory Built Savannah S now flying in Australia.

Seven Factory Built Savannah's now flying in Australia.

Factory Built Savannah XL has arrived in Australia.

Aerokits has purchased a Dynavibe Dynamic Prop Balancer.

ICP Factory Built Savannah XL Widebody now available at 544Kg in Australia

Savannah VG XL has arrived in Australia 6 months earlier than expected due to the cancellation of an order to the USA.

See the Home Page for details.

XL received a great reception at NatFly 2009.

Great Look; plenty of room inside; terrific value for money.

Genuine Precision Fast Build Kit. Approx 400Hrs to flying for new builder. See Kit Details for more info.

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

9/2/15: Low Permeability Fuel hose and new Nose Leg Bearing Support.

28/4/14: Adjustable seats and E-LSA Statement of Compliance.

23/3/14: AeroKits official importer for Australia and NZ. XL/S Specs upgraded.

10/10/10: Web site upgraded to include Savannah S.

10/2/10: Factory XL on home page.

10/9/09: Article for Pacific Flyer added. Click Here.



Recent Media Coverage of R R Brost P/L T/A AeroKits

Pacific Flyer, Australia's premier magazine for Ultralight enthusiasts, has published an article on the new Savannah XL Widebody.

bulletPacific Flyer, July 2009 Click Here
bulletTitle, Publication, Date
bulletTitle, Publication, Date


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