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Savannah Tips
Savannah Tips Rotax Service Formula  Links Prop Balancing Service 5

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Tip No 1 Stabilizer Skin     Tip No 2 Front axle    Tip No 3 Oil Cooler Baffle     Tip No 4 Hose Chafing   

Tip No 5 Tank Vent    Tip No 6 Cable Locking   Tip No 7 Oil Filter   Tip No 8 ROAN    Tip No 9 Heater Hose

Tip No 10 Rear Cross Member    Tip No 11 Bump Stop   Tip No 12 Wiring Diagram  Tip No 13 Fuel Pressure 

Tip No 14 Filter Element  Tip No 15 Throttle Rod  Tip No 16 Drains  Tip No 17 Seat Belt  

Tip No 18 Door Struts   Tip No 19 Slat Removal   Tip No 20 Wheel Runout  Tip No 21 Corrosion

Tip No 22 Flap Adjustment   Tip No 23 Tank Spouts  Tip No 24 Stick Cover   Tip No 24 Fuel Hose

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