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AeroKits... is committed to the advancement of Recreational Aviation and to this end provides support for Savannah owners as well as for other aircraft owners with the supply of builder support, L2 inspections, technical advice, and in the near future, flight training.

We also stock builders tools, materials, aircraft fit out parts, and are agents for the terrific Airmaster In- Flight Variable Pitch Propellers.

Savannah Tips Click Here

 I am endeavoring to send safety tips and other possibly helpful info to as many Savannah owners as possible on a weekly basis by email.

Please do not be offended if some of the points made seem to be rather basic and not worthy of your attention.

However, I can assure you that all of us at some time fail to see the bleeding obvious.

Moreover, I would welcome input from you if you have a good tip that I can pass on to our fellow pilots.



L2 Inspections and Maintenance

Call us if you require a L2 inspection or scheduled maintenance on non flying school aircraft.


Formula Links

Links to handy formulae to work out true airspeed.


Dynamic Prop Balancing

AeroKits has recently purchased a Dynavibe Dynamic Prop Balancer.


Name of service 5

Not yet available




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